Kate's Inspo

Hey ladies,

Firstly a bit about me....

I'm 36 (my age is a running joke as i thought i was a year older than i actually am LOL)

I like to wear a wig now and then as i had all my hair lobbed off so if there's a day where i don't want to look like Macaulay Culkin or my ginger roots start making an appearance i just pull out the very badly styled wig.

My dress size is on average an 8 i'd say but i have inherited my grans hips (nice one June) so in trousers i can go up to a 12.

I LOVE playing around with different ways to wear, It has been said i have too much time on my hands LOL.

So have a nosy through and if you'd like any tips on how to style an outfit drop me a message via our socials.

PS i really need to get some new poses!